Kayleigh Whitehurst

Kayleigh Whitehurst

My name is Kayleigh Whitehurst. I am first and foremost an individual. You will see some insights into my life on this website. The music I write, the VLOGs I record, the beers I like etc. But I am much more than the sum of my personal life - I am also IT savvy and web design oriented. I enjoy wordpress installations and management, and am versed in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, Basic MySQL, and have experience using JQuery Plugins for site enhancement. On top of this, I am a musician - Being intermediate level on electric guitar, bass, and drums. I am a Metal vocalist. I am a photographer, and you will also see some of my photography on this website. Where you have any queries, I am more than welcome to opening dialogue - just drop me a line on my contact page.

Services I can offer

  • Wordpress Design
  • Advanced Spreadsheet Design
  • eCommerce site design and implementation

Skills I Posess

PHP - 70%
HTML5 - 80%
CSS3 - 58%
JQuery - 40%
Javascript - 25%
Visual Basic - 65%
VBA for Excel and Access - 85%
Photography - 30%

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